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Playing Music with Animals


A guide to all the pages on this site that describe musical interactions with animals

waveletThis image is of a single lag dolphin whistle, rendered as a wavelet graph with polar coordinates. By Mark Fischer.

The many pages on this large web site describe various aspects of our communication work with animals. One group of pages describe one-time communication events with specific species. These include:

  • Interspecies Music with a singer and a flock of Turkeys (1974)
  • Interspecies music with a flute and a wolf pack (1976)
  • Interspecies Music with a blues guitar and a pod of orcas (1979)
  • Interspecies Music with a Tibetan Lama chanting prayers and a pod of orcas (1988)
  • Interspecies Music with guitar and 300 lag dolphins (2001)
  • Language Research with beluga whales in the Russian Arctic (1999)

waveletThe image to the right is the wavelet graph of marsh wren's song. Also by Mark Fischer.

Another group of pages on this website offer a narrative explanation of the processes, objectives, problems, aesthetics, ethics, science, and personal experiences that motivate our work with animals. All of these essays have also appeared in magazines, journals, and books. has been sponsoring this work, and producing these kinds of exploratory projects since the 1970s, so we have a lot to share. Most of these pages contain audio examples you can listen to.

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